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I’m keeping my kit on for The Sudsy Challenge!

I'll be taking part in the Sudsy Challenge by wearing the same set of clothes for three days (no showers!), to shine a light on the challenges the homeless endure on a daily basis. 

I hope to raise awareness and help give back to those doing it tough. By raising funds we are able to give the homeless community an opportunity to access the simple necessities - laundry and shower amenities - that we take for granted.

Every dollar counts, and I’d love if you could support me as I take on The Sudsy Challenge!

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My Updates

Completed! - Friday 17th

Friday 17th Sep
Had my first shower in 3 days this morning and it was great. Although, this was only a small glimpse of the challenges the homeless face it was very eyeopening and it was fun to raise more awareness around the adversity the community faces. I hope that my contribution to Orange Sky makes a big difference and gives a couple more people the opportunity to get clean and have fresh clothes!

Day 3- Thursday 16th

Friday 17th Sep
Last Day of Sudsy Challenge and feeling a bit smelly at this point. Had a school trivia night and a 18th birthday drive-by. Also was a slightly hotter day today and decided to go for a bush walk with a friend so sweated up a storm...

Day 2 - Wednesday 15th

Friday 17th Sep
Had a shift at work tonight and turned up out of uniform. Everyone thought it was quite funny and copped a few stares from customers...

Day 1 - Tuesday 14th

Friday 17th Sep
First Day of Sudsy Challenge!!

Thanks to my supporters!


Gary Petherbridge

To handle tis well turning some clothes inside out helps on alternate days and this way you could extend the 3 day challenge to four days. During Covid not many of your friends will notice. Well done Ami.


Leanne J Roberts

Congratulations on taking up this challenge x


Sarah Toohey

Great work Ami!


??( '?' ?? )?


Mark Browning

I think you will still be smelling better than your father after 3 nights of no showers. Great stuff Ami!


Heather Mckay

Great cause Ami. Proud of you.


Vanessa And Lara Merewether

Fab work Ami and great work by Orange Sky!


Jill Petherbridge

Good work Ami. Great cause!


Keira Bingham



Great cause! Go Ami


Rachael Harris


Grace Tyerman

Great work Ami!


Gemma James


Ellie Archer

proud of you bestie, dont turn into a stinky sminky .....


Adam Bower

Well Done Ami! What a great initiative. Good on you!


Andrew Mccormack


Duncan Taylor

$1 more than Clark put in.


Cara Petherbridge





Ei Harada


Dan Clark

Your dad is a tool


Chloe Hogan

Proud of you :)


Sofia (ohoh) Pawley

missing you so much oh oh, so proud of you and everything you do!!


Kurt Petherbridge

Good on you - just use lots of deodrant please.


Mia Petherbridge


Monique Goyen

Go Ami :) so proud of everything that you do, you got this queen


Sophie Anderson

Go ames! Proud of you x


Ami Petherbridge




Ava Taylor

happy to help :)


Caitlin Hunt



have fun doing the it.


Katrina Kim