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I’m keeping my kit on for The Sudsy Challenge!

I'll be wearing the same set of clothes for three days, shining a light on homelessness and raising funds and awareness to support people doing it tough.

Orange Sky helps to positively connect people doing it tough with access to free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation.

By participating in The Sudsy Challenge, I will be supporting Orange Sky to ensure they can continue providing their free laundry and shower service to people in need.

Every dollar counts, and I’d love if you could support me as I take on The Sudsy Challenge!

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Anonymous donators.

Sunday 12th Sep
I would like to give a big thank you to all of the anonymous donators, I don`t know who you are, you do and that is all that is important.

My Sudsy outfit.

Monday 6th Sep

We live on the streets

Friday 3rd Sep


We live on the streets

We are homeless

through no fault of our own

we live in the streets

because that is our home

We are hungry and cold.

And some are quite old

Get a job and a wash

We are often told


People walk past

And don`t even see

The sad and lonely people

Like my friend and me

We sleep on a bench

Or in front of a door

We have nothing to eat

Because we are so poor.


We take handouts

of clothes and food

all from charities who care

whatever  kind people can spare.

"The invisibility of homelessness is the invisibility of poverty"".

Tuesday 29th Jun

"The invisibility of poverty". 

I have been homeless, for quite a while

Having no home has cramped my style

I sit here all alone

With my only friend, the phone

As I sit here I am dismissed

No one even sees that I exist

All I want is for someone to care

With a chat and a coffee to share

I sit here, all alone on the stairs

Waiting for someone, who really cares.

                                                 Darryl Simpson

“An ode to our volunteers on Christmas Day”

Tuesday 29th Jun

“An ode to our volunteers on Christmas Day”


`Twas the night before Christmas

No washing was done

Then on Christmas morn

There was laughter and fun

Because Orange Sky Laundry

Was doing their run

There were clothes to be washed

And bodies to shower clean

Such a wonderful morning

For our friends on the street

that others have never seen.

Why I volunteer at Orange Sky.

Tuesday 29th Jun
I have been volunteering for Orange Sky for over 4 years and over that time I have met some great people, some have been volunteers at Orange Sky, others through other volunteer groups and some of the best have been our homeless friends.

Thanks to my supporters!


Cameron Dick Mp

For more than four years you and the Orange Sky team have provided such a valuable service to our community. Thanks for everything you do, Darryl, you are a real champion!




Wellers Hill Bowls Club


Park Ridge News

All the best Darryl.


Mark Bailey Mp


Steven Huang

Keep up the good work!


Shirley Arnfield


Michelle S

Such a worthwhile cause, hope you hit your target!


The Walshes

Love to you Darryl for making a difference in your community.



Thankyou for all you do for these wonderful people who ask for nothing but need so much.


Carolyn Williams


Anne Maas

Orange Sky are my chosen charity this year so sponsoring you is timely 😊. Good on you!


Helen Smith

Great work Darryl


Heather Rees


Webb Lillis

Thanks for your time mate. Happy to support a great cause!


Michael Williams

Good on you Darryl. I'm currently laid up with a back injury and can't make it but very happy that by the power of the internet etc. I'm able to support your efforts.


Sharon Clements

Well done Daryl your energy is huge !!


Ross Vasta

Good work mate - great to see people looking out for those in our community that are struggling


Charmi And Max

Great cause great work Darryl






Darryl Simpson


Barry Kratzke


Corrine Mcmillan Mp



Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.


Robyn From Rosie’s

Great work Darryl thank you!


Dee Hudson

Thank you for supporting such a great cause and initiative.


That Scissor Guy

Well done Darryl, keep up the good work.



Wow, sounds like a great challenge and also raising awareness for a great organisation. Hope it goes well!


Phillip Page


Shirley E Glaister

Keep up the good work, what a wonderful charity!


Michelle Jenkinsjenkins




Good luck. It's a great initiative and I'm sure the homeless will appreciate your effort.


Chevy B

Good on you Darryl (Smiley)!! 😁 Thank you for helping the homeless. All the best with your fund raising. Chevy 😊



Fantastic cause Darryl! Well done on this


Darryl Simpson


Vesna Tomic

Good on you, Darryl



Great work Darryl!


Anita Forbes




Lisa M

Great cause Darryl


Sonia Nikolic

Hope you reach your goal Darryl!


Jamie Furness, Prnews


Kerri Anne Kennedy

Well done Darryl! A truly worthwhile cause.


Sam Gray

Good on you Darryl Sam HPC


Kerry And Al

Hope you reach your goal


Janeen Schouten




Caitlin Nayanar


Crow Black

Keep up the good work