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I’m keeping my kit on for The Sudsy Challenge!

I'll be wearing the same set of clothes for three days, shining a light on homelessness and raising funds and awareness to support people doing it tough.

Orange Sky helps to positively connect people doing it tough with access to free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation.

By participating in The Sudsy Challenge, I will be supporting Orange Sky to ensure they can continue providing their free laundry and shower service to people in need.

Every dollar counts, and I’d love if you could support me as I take on The Sudsy Challenge!

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My Updates

Day 3

Friday 17th Sep
Well what a great effort by my friends, family and work mates.  We have raised $1,244.00 for this very worthy cause. Having my workmates involved made the whole experience worth while. Looking forward to clean cloths again. It just make you realize how luck you are and how little you have to do to help someone that is not as fortunate.  

Day 2

Thursday 16th Sep
So I found it a little different, putting on the same cloths that I wore yesterday.  I can see how we take for granted a clean set of cloths daily. The feeling I had bought me down a little, so I can only imagine if this is how I had to live.  Please donate so you don't have to have this feeling.

So I started today

Wednesday 15th Sep
The team won, I started today.  Lets see if they are happy on Friday..

Well My Shirt Arrived

Tuesday 14th Sep
Because my shirt has arrived, I will be doing the challenge over Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  My Team here in Cairns have trust issues, but if it means more money, I have no problem with that..

My staff want to change the rules

Friday 10th Sep
So the people I work with, want me to complete the challenge on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They say they need to witness my progress. We will see.

Thanks to my supporters!


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Oh the Smell!


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Have fun at work in your flannies.🤣


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good on you Robyn !


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Good on ya for helping to shed the light on an issue people dont think about xx


Robyn Lalor-chambers


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Well done bubs x


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Poor Brad! Great cause Robyn, glad you live so far away. 🤗


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Good luck smelly




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Well done Robyn


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Great cause - good on you!


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