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I’m keeping my kit on for The Sudsy Challenge!

I'll be wearing the sa whyme set of clothes for three days, shining a light on homelessness and raising funds and awareness to support people doing it tough.

Orange Sky helps to positively connect people doing it tough with access to free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation.

By participating in The Sudsy Challenge, I will be supporting Orange Sky to ensure they can continue providing their free laundry and shower service to people in need.

Every dollar counts, and I’d love if you could support me as I take on The Sudsy Challenge!

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Heya All!

Saturday 31st Jul
I don't know how many of you out there know personally how hard it is to get back on your feet after u have been made homeless, a lot of people believe it or not don't choose that way of life and once lived in their eyes a normal life, some had no choice, like a lot of young kids, who would prefer to take the chances to risk living on the streets to escape a home life that can very well be violent, they can be having very horrible traumatic experiences in a lot of ways or they are unloved and ignored and they feel that they would rather leave than be leaving themselves open to a lot of very disturbing abuse of many ways! Then u have an adult wether it's been a breakdown in their relationship and then once the other partner walks away they are left to try and juggle everything and the time comes were the sheriff arrives to evict them and they only have literally a few minutes if that to grab anything they can that they think is meaningful and they need to save before they are walked out and the locks are changed on all the doors with everything from their past because they were trying to deal with just getting through each day, some even, trying to stay in their employment either to loose that job before the eviction or not long after they have been made homeless with no where to go...
This is all a very degrading, embarrassing thing to experience and by then the Domino Effect is already at work!!! The risk homeless people all over the world take every night just to survive is massive, it's very very dangerously scary and then we have to deal with the every day down the nose looks from soçiety which plummets a once semi normal living person into a world of a lot of issues like physical, mental and not to mention once again the degrading looks and comments from everyday society!!!

All of the  Homeless, once Homeless or rehoused Homeless people, are in my eyes some of the Bravest Human Beings and Honest to God the most beautiful souled people I have ever met, and it disgusts me on how the upper class society think their poo don't stink, and they are to good to help a person that is going through a hard time because they must be there because it is of their own faults or choices have no idea at all and the sad thing Is 

Sudsy Challenge 2021