Stories from New Zealand

Throughout The Sudsy Challenge, we will be sharing stories to help shine a light on the issue of homelessness and break down the stigmas. Here are just a few of the people who are part of the Orange Sky community...

Eddie’s Story

We met Eddie in 2018 – he had his own dream to start a free mobile laundry service to help his fellow New Zealanders doing it tough. Lucky for us, he decided to jump on board Orange Sky and be part of our first ever New Zealand Service!

Terry's Story

When we first met Terry he was sleeping on the streets and was doing it pretty tough. We were able to offer him the chance to wash his clothes, have a shower and a great chat.

Elsie's Story

"Calling them homeless to calling them friends, it just completely changes how I view them when I walk past now. Actually they're friends, and if any of my friends were in that situation, I would one of the first people to reach out."

Andrew's Story

"You can go in there, have a shower, come out with a robe on and your clothes are getting washed, every bit of clothing is getting washed. And then you put clean clothes back on.
Something simple like that... you take for granted when you're living in a house, but when you're out here... it's amazing." 

John's Story

"Orange Sky was a blessing to me. Back in the day for me, a shower was a good wash in the beach. That was basically it. When Orange Sky came along, that just opened my whole world up... They give you the social security of not being left out."

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