What is The Sudsy Challenge?

The Sudsy Challenge is a three day event held over four weekends in September and October. Participants are asked to challenge themselves to wear the same clothes for three days, take part in conversations around homelessness and raise funds to support the 1 in 200 people who experience homelessness in Australia.

Why three days?

It took Orange Sky co-founders, Nic and Lucas three days (and three sets of washing machines and dryers) to get their first laundry van Sudsy working. On day three, a friend named Jordan used the service and taught Nic and Lucas that while clean clothes were important, it was the conversation and connection that mattered more. As such, we thought it was only fitting to hold the Sudsy Challenge over three days.

Who is Sudsy?

‘Sudsy’ was the first laundry van built by Orange Sky co-founders, Nic and Lucas, at the age of 20! It took them three days (and three sets of washing machines and dryers) to get the van working. Every day, 32 vans just like Sudsy hit the road to support people doing it tough by providing access to free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation.

When is the challenge?

The Sudsy Challenge is a three day event held over three weekends in September and one in October. Depending on which weekend you choose, you’ll be able to get into your clean clothes from 5pm on the last day of the challenge. Along with a fresh set of clothes, we hope that you gain a fresh perspective on what it’s like to be without access to laundry services. The dates you can choose from are: 

Weekend 1 - Thursday 3 Sep - Saturday 5 Sep 
Weekend 2 - Thursday 10 Sep - Saturday 12 Sep
Weekend 3 - Friday 25 Sep - Sunday 27 Sep
Weekend 4 - Friday 2 Oct - Sunday 4 Oct

Can I do The Sudsy Challenge on a different date?

We encourage you to do the challenge on one of the pre-selected Sudsy weekends. This is because all of the communications that you receive leading up to the challenge are set on these dates. As such, if you choose to do the challenge over a different date range, you will receive our communications slightly early or late.


How do I sign up?

It’s so easy! Just click the 'sign up' button in the top right hand corner. The whole process will be done and dusted quicker than you can load your laundry - and registration is free!

Does it cost money to sign up?

Good news – it’s free to sign up for The Sudsy Challenge! However, in order to receive a Sudsy t-shirt you are required to first raise $24. That’s the cost of a load of washing and a shower.

What do I get when I sign up?

Along with loads of helpful resources and fundraising tips, you’ll receive a 2020 Sudsy t-shirt and a welcome pack! This year, we’re asking participants to raise $24 - the cost of a load of washing and a shower - more two weeks out from their chosen weekend in order to receive this. Every dollar counts and this $24 goes a long way towards helping us deliver our mission to positively connect communities.

How long does registration and fundraising stay open?

You will be able to sign up to the challenge right up until the day prior to your selected Sudsy weekend. However, please note that you will only receive a Sudsy t-shirt if you sign up two weeks prior to your selected weekend AND raise the required $24. Fundraising will stay open until the end of October.

I’ve participated in the Sudsy Challenge before, do I have to sign up again?

Welcome back and thank you for choosing to support us again! To answer your question, yes all return participants will be required to sign up again.

Can I still participate if I don’t live in Australia?

Yes, absolutely! We would love to spread the Orange Sky and Sudsy story as far and wide as possible, so please do sign up! 

Can I sign up as a team?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. People who sign up as part of a team usually go on to raise up to four times as much as if they were doing it alone. Get your friends together or recruit the family – there’s no limit on the number of teammates you can have, so ask away! Click sign up to see how to set up your team.

Can my workplace get involved?

What a great idea! The Sudsy Challenge is the perfect activity for corporates and workplaces to get involved in - raising money for an important cause can be really rewarding and a break from the daily grind!

I'm under 18, can I still register?

Yes, absolutely! We love to see people of all ages getting involved in The Sudsy Challenge. You'll just need a parent or guardian to add their details as part of your sign up process. 

I am unable to sign up for The Sudsy Challenge but I want to help?

You can still support Orange Sky and The Sudsy Challenge by making a donation here


What should I wear & does it need to be the Sudsy t-shirt?

Participants who raise $24 will receive their very own Sudsy t-shirt, but it's totally up to you what you wear over the three challenge days! Choose comfort, style or something completely crazy - the more outrageous the outfit, the more conversations you'll start about why you’re wearing it.

How do I get my very own Sudsy t-shirt?

You will be required to raise $24 before we send you a Sudsy t-shirt. Did you know that we screen print these shirts onsite at Orange Sky HQ? To allow us enough time to print and post shirts, we ask that you raise the $24 two weeks prior to your chosen Sudsy weekend.

Can I have a different coloured shirt?

It’s only fitting to have the Sudsy t-shirts orange. After all, we are Orange Sky.

What about underwear?

We'd prefer not to get involved in the finer logistical details - this one is completely up to you!

What about pyjamas?

You’re free to swap out your clothes for your PJs at the end of each day. While the challenge is about gaining a small yet powerful insight into the lives of friends doing it tough, the most important thing is that you’re starting conversations about the clothes you’re in – so it’s totally your call.


Help! I’ve forgotten my log in details…

No stress! When you click Login on the top right of the home page, a pop out will open and there will be a ‘Forgot password?’ button. You'll be asked to enter your registered email address below and we will send you a reset password link. Follow the steps in the email to reset your password.

I need help updating my online profile – who can I call?

You can call the Sudsy Team on 07 3067 5800 and we will talk you through updating your online profile.

How do I create my fundraising page?

It’s seriously easy. When you sign up for the challenge, you’ll be taken through all the steps to set up your personal or team page and get you ready to smash that fundraising goal!

I’ve forgotten which weekend I signed up for!

No worries, It’s easy to check! Sign into your Sudsy account, head to your Dashboard and your weekend will appear under your name.

How do I change which weekend I’m signed up for?

If you’re wanting to change which weekend you’re taking the challenge, either send us an email at hello@thesudsychallenge.com.au or call us on (07) 3067 5800 and let us know which weekend you’d like to move to.


Will people who donate to me get a tax-deductible receipt?

Absolutely. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and receipts will be issued automatically.

What should my fundraising goal be?

You’ll have the option to set your own fundraising goal. For individuals, we recommend a good place to start is a goal of $288. This will help Orange Sky fund an entire shift of clean laundry, warm showers and non-judgmental conversation. We encourage you to choose your own goal if you want to aim higher! For teams, we recommend a goal of $1,200 - which is 50 loads of washing!

How do I update my fundraising goal?

Simply login to your profile by clicking 'Login' on the top right of this page to edit your fundraising goal and your update your profile and team page.

How do people donate to my fundraising page?

When you set up your fundraising page, you’ll be provided with a unique URL You just need to share this with your friends and family and they will be directed straight to your fundraising page. If you choose to share this via Facebook, you may be prompted to create a Facebook Fundraiser. We would recommend you do not proceed with this as any donations made here will not be attributed to your Sudsy page. Instead follow our instructions above to make sure people are donating directly to your Sudsy page. 

How do I find my friend or family member to donate to?

All you need to do is go to the donate button in the top right corner and you’ll be able to Search for a Fundraiser - this includes individuals, teams and workplaces.

Do I have to wait until I receive my participant pack to start fundraising?

Definitely not! You can start fundraising as soon as you register. Check out our resources page to get some inspiration.

Where does the money I raise go?

Great question – it goes directly towards helping the 116,000 Australians who are experiencing homelessness. It costs Orange Sky $24 to provide a clean load of laundry and a shower, but with 31 vans on the road, we need your help to continue to provide this important service to our friends doing it tough. 

I’ve set up a Facebook Fundraising Page – why doesn’t it link to my Sudsy Fundraising Page?

Whilst Facebook Fundraisers are a great way to raise funds, unfortunately we are unable to link any Facebook Fundraisers with The Sudsy Challenge Page. If you are prompted to create a Facebook Fundraiser when sharing your Sudsy Page on Facebook, we would recommend you do not proceed with this as any donations made here will not be attributed to your Sudsy page. We recommend that you instead use your Sudsy page link when sharing online and to collect donations through this page.


Can you come visit my work, school, uni to help me fundraise or share the Orange Sky story?

As much as we would LOVE to say yes to every request like this that we receive, we unfortuantley just don't have the resoureces to do so. We recommend that you instead check out our awesome resources page where you will find a number of assets that you can share with your school, colleagues or team.

Is there a Sudsy van in my region?

Check out our locations page to see if a van just like Sudsy lives in your area! https://locations.orangesky.org.au/

How do I get a van like Sudsy in my area?

As you can imagine, our process for establishing a mobile service in any location is quite lengthy. We need to assess a number of things prior to launching into a new community such as the need and demand for our services, the potential for ongoing funding to support costs and if there are any opportunities for volunteer engagement in the community. Find out more by emailing info@orangesky.org.au


I’m in lockdown, does that mean I can’t participate?

Definitely not, The Sudsy Challenge can be done at any time from any location - you’ll just need to find creative ways to have conversations (but we’ve all become pretty accustomed to that in 2020!). 

How do we have safe conversations in a COVID-19 world?

Whether it’s over dinner or over a Zoom call, The Sudsy Challenge is all about starting conversations with the people in your life. 2020 has changed the way we do things and the same goes for The Sudsy Challenge - it might look a little different, but we’re still as passionate as ever about finding ways to support our friends.

If you’re feeling unwell whilst doing the challenge, make sure you stay home and get tested - you can still engage in the challenge on your chosen weekend virtually and have safe conversations.

If you’re participating in the challenge by having conversations in person, remember to keep 1.5m away from others - think two big steps. Avoid shaking hand or hugging others. Remember to practice good healthy hygiene such as using hand sanitiser in an environment where you are having the conversation.

Doesn’t the COVID-19 virus remain detectable in the air and on surfaces such as clothing?

This is complicated as there is still not sufficient research available to suggest that it does. However, what research is available indicates that the virus can not survive on the materials that the Sudsy t-shirt is made out of.

If you or someone you come into contact with during the three day challenge has COVID-19, we recommend that you wash your clothes and take precautions and actions as suggested by relevant government health bodies.

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