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I’m keeping my kit on for The Sudsy Challenge!

I’ll be wearing the same set of clothes for three days, choosing my conversations and raising funds and awareness to support the 1 in 200 people who experience homelessness.

Orange Sky helps to positively connect people doing it tough with access to free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation.

By participating in The Sudsy Challenge, I will be supporting Orange Sky to ensure they can continue providing their free laundry and shower service to people in need.

Every dollar counts, and I’d love if you could support me as I take on The Sudsy Challenge!

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Thank you for the support and generosity

Sunday 26th Jul
I can’t thank everyone enough for the donations. Every dollar donated is going towards an amazing cause and truly makes a difference ❤️ 

Thanks to my supporters!


Rbv Builders V

Great to see people helping others!! Well done


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Loupos Family

From the loupos family


Shenai Oubeid



I love you and will always be there to support you albi


Clair Bear

Proud of you honey x




Chris Abela


Jordan Macdessi

Proud of you cuzz! ;D


Claudia Macdessi

Love u long time


Ace Computerz

Hi Shenai. Congratulation for a successful campaign. I'm sure homeless will benefit


Pierre Brown

Yoohoo Big summer blowout


Enrique Komadina

Thank ur bf


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